Track your startup portfolio

Understand how portfolio companies
are approaching the market and how to
accelerate the path to success.

Increase team collaboration

Centralized communication and insight
enables teams to systematically test
business model hypotheses.

Boost mentor engagement

Launchpad makes it easy for mentors to
collaborate and help move teams forward.

Develop lean startup skillsets

Build competence in customer, business
model and agile development.


Business model canvas & experimentation

For managers Gain insight into each team’s current business
model and review the results of business
model experimentation and the state of
product-market fit.

For team members Provides structure to the process of searching
for a repeatable, scalable business model.
Define and track business model experiments
and identify key insights and opportunities
that support pivots and iterations.

Transparency & realtime analytics

For managers Gain an overview of how teams are applying
Lean Startup principles and evaluate the
performance of mentors.

For team members Transparency encourages healthy
competition amongst teams.

Contextual Learning

Stay focused on building the business
but, if you get stuck, just in time
educational content can help team
members develop new skill sets.

Our Customers
As a mentor, it allows me to step into the incubator/accelerator without ever having to be there.
— VETransfer
The evidence-based approach is to get out of the building, to talk to the real people who might really buy the product, to find out those details, and to record the results of the interviews - that is a crucial part to the puzzle.
— CleanTech Open
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