Improve Teaching Efficiency

Launchpad saves time by streamlining
communication and delivering
dashboard views of class activity.

Increase Team Collaboration

Centralized communication and insight
enables teams to systematically test
business model hypotheses.

Drive Learning Outcomes

Lean Launchpad is a new approach to
teaching entrepreneurship. Launchpad
makes sure that that learning sticks.

Develop Entrepreneurial Skillsets

Build student competence in customer,
business model and agile development.


Transparency & realtime analytics

For instructors Gain an overview of how teams are progressing
through the Lean Launchpad curriculum and
evaluate the performance of mentors.

For students Transparency encourages healthy
collaboration amongst teams.

Business model canvas & experimentation

For instructors Track changes to the business model
canvas from week to week and review
interview data and the results of business
model experimentation.

For students Structure the search for a repeatable,
scalable business model. Define and track
business model experiments and identify
key insights and opportunities that
support pivots and iterations.

On demand learning

For instructors Overview of how students are progressing
through "flipped classroom" lecture material.

For students On demand learning integrated
into the workflow of the app
helps students develop new skill sets.

Our Customers
Reviewing LaunchPad Central is 100x
better for me as a faculty member
than reading business plans...
— Center for Entrepreneurship and innovation
You can actually track which pivots
you’ve made, why you made those,
and be very cognizant of the process
you are going through.
— Blue River Technology
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